A Royal 5-day Road Tour of Ireland’s Castles. Day 5

Waterford Castle

Waterford Castle

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Day 5: Waterford Castle and County Waterford

The final day of our historic journey takes us 100 miles east into County Waterford. After a three-hour journey on the road, you will be relaxing on a 310-acre private island on the River Suir that serves as a home to the sixteenth century Waterford Castle.

If you’re a golf lover, you will enjoy playing a round on the estate’s eighteen-hole golf course set amidst scenic woodlands.

After settling into the castle, you can board the daily ferry for exploration in Waterford, the oldest city in Ireland. Home of the infamous Waterford Crystal, the city is a blend of ancient and modern featuring a collection of pubs, restaurants, and boutiques set within medieval city walls and cobbled back streets. The historic town is an impressive display of eighteenth century architecture including the Bishop’s Palace, Christ Church Cathedral, and the City Hall.

A night in Waterford Castle is the perfect way to end your royal road trip being one of the most affordable castles in the country.

Be Ready for a Memorable Road Trip

Our journey draws to a close in the city of Waterford where you can drop off your rental car and board a flight back to the United Kingdom from Waterford Airport. You could also extend your trip to a full week and head north to Dublin or south to Cork where you can indulge in more Irish culture and attractions while gaining access to a much larger selection of flights. If you prefer to drive rather than fly, Ireland is well connected by a number of ferries operating from Liverpool, Wales, and France. Our five-day itinerary covers nearly 400 miles. Whether you choose to hire a car or bring your own, it is important to ensure that all your paperwork, licenses and insurance policies are in order and that your vehicle is prepared for any unforeseen circumstances that could happen in the remote Irish countryside. It is also wise to ensure that you carry maps or an updated SatNav to ensure that you do not get lost along the way.

Ireland as a nation is known for its welcoming culture heeding to the expression, “A Hundred Thousand Welcomes” and the castles of Ireland are no exception. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of this beautiful island nation is to experience it from a castle. Don’t be surprised if you discover that a royal retreat can be enjoyed at a royal bargain.

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