Ashford Castle Aerial View

Aerial photo of the Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle, aerial view

Ashford Castle is a medieval castle turned 5-star hotel near Cong in Co. Mayo on the shore of Lough Corrib and offers some of the most luxurious suites and breathtaking surroundings in Ireland. Ashford Castle is also a sister hotel of Dromoland Castle.

Adare Manor photos

As we approach the long weekend, I thought I’d remind you about the Adare Manor birthday special: €550.00 FOR THREE NIGHTS (visit Adare Manor website for details). To help you make your decision, I’ve decided to post some more photos of this magnificent castle.

Before visiting the Adare Manor castle website, you might want to click on each of the castle photos below to see the original photos of much better quality.

Adare Manor Castle

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Clontarf Castle photos

Here are some really nice photos taken by visitors who stayed at Clontarf Castle in Dublin. Please click on each photo to see the original photos (of much better quality).


Clontarf Castle

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Adare Manor Castle photos

I’ve just added a few photos to the Adare Manor Castle page, a luxury 5-star hotel, just to give you an idea of how great this castle hotel really is:

All of the photos are courtesy of the official Adare Manor Castle website, and you can find many more photos on the Adare Manor photos page.

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Ashford Castle Hotel Photos

Today I’d like to share a few of the Ashford Castle photos with you. I made them myself last year during our winter break there, hopefully they do the justice to the magnificence of the castle hotel.

Here’s just a few, and you can view the Ashford Castle photo gallery (at the bottom of the page) for more:

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