Dromoland Castle Rooms


Rooms in Dromoland Castle are not just for sleeping in but also the perfect place to relax in the morning or to wind down after a long day of activites. With beautiful views over Dromoland Estate, each room can be your own slice of heaven.

Dromoland Castle Rooms


Magnificent custom wallpapers and elegant furniture are a big part of what make staying at Dromoland Castle such an enriching and immersive experience.

Dromoland Castle Rooms


Peaceful and beautiful, your suite at Dromoland Castle is the perfect place to relax after seeing what the estate and surrounding countryside has to offer.

Queen Anne at Dromoland Castle

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The Queen Anne suites at Dromoland Castle offers you the closest thing to a real castle experience you can get. With cottage-style decor inspired by 18th century botanical drawings and luxurious upholstery the Queen Anne suites are the perfect accommodation for anyone who wants stay at some of the most prestigious rooms in Ireland.

Dromoland Castle Aerial View

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Dromoland Castle Estate offers spectacular views of the Co. Clare countryside as well as the golf courses and lakes situated in the estate.

Food at Dromoland Castle


Freshly baked goods are available every day through room service or to be indulged at the Dromoland Castle restaurant.

Food at Dromoland Castle

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Enjoy the finest pastries baked by our award winning chefs at Dromoland Castle restaurant, with a wide range of seasonal tarts and cakes for you to indulge yourself in.

Food at Dromoland Castle


Every guest at Dromoland Castle has access to some of the finest cuisine Ireland has to offer from locally sourced rack of lamb and steaks to fresh and delicious vegetarian options.