Ross Castle news – Summer 2012

I’ve recently been contacted and asked to share some really good news about Ross Castle:

In order to better communicate with our customers and the world from the shores of Lough Sheelin, Ross Castle had high-speed internet installed in its historic walls in the fall of 2011. So, from now on guests will be able to keep communicating with their friends and family globally in real time and with the speed of (Irish) lightning! This improvement comes to Ross Castle exactly 500 years after the Black Baron dispatched couriers on horseback for his weekly communications with Dublin Castle. What a difference 500 years make !

Proving that we do listen to suggestions from our guests, we tackled some bricks-and-mortar renovations this spring: We finally dared to renovate the lower tower bathroom. After 50 years of climbing over toilets and jumping into an oversized bathtub, the scary task was tackled to tear the old bathroom from its 500-year old footings to replace it with contemporary new fixtures, offering all of the modern bathroom comforts in a historic setting. To our surprise, not only was the base from which we had to rebuild sound, but the concrete had hardened over the past decades and centuries to the point, where hammer and chisel could hardly scratch it. Hats off to our plumber, who fitted the new services effortlessly into the old walls without taking away any of the old charm and history.

This “small” renovation project fits into the larger scheme, where we want to proceed to continuously upgrade the services of Ross Castle over the coming years. However, we want to do this carefully and cautiously, realising fully that we are moving within many-century-old walls, which deserves special care and consideration.

One more thing: Ross Castle was recently featured in an article of the Irish Times – you may enjoy it if you’re into ghosts stories: Things that go Bump in the night.

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