Ways to make your castle hotel visit truly romantic

If you aren't sure how to spend your romantic weekend in one of the castle-hotels in Ireland, there are always lots of ways to make it an unforgettable experience.

While city bustling usually leaves you with little chance of spending a few quiet hours enjoying wonders and beauty of nature, a trip to almost any castle hotel will guarantee that you may enjoy beautifully landscaped gardens and trail walks on castle grounds.

Your weekend in a castle – hotel will allow you to break the working day/week routine and instead enjoy a picnic in the woods, do casual bird watching or a horseback riding.

If gourmet food or exquisite drink is your thing, most castle hotels will offer a vast array of wines and whiskeys and will usually have a great restaurant available for you as a guest.

It seems like there is nothing more romantic than a picnic in the woods with someone you love. Such a snack with champagne will give you the opportunity to become closer to each other and enjoy each other’s company. Besides, it's quite an original event.

If you love animals we can offer you horseback riding. You can feel the harmony with nature and enjoy the beauty of these noble animals. If fishing is your hobby, please ask for it at the reception as most likely there will be options for you to spend a few hours fishing in nearby rivers or lakes.

Each castle hotel offers so many things to do that you may not even get a chance to try them all on your shirt stay, so you will probably want to be back soon!

The Last but not least option is probably a romantic walk. With plenty of hiking trails and panoramic viewpoints, almost any place in Ireland would have a local attraction or two for you to explore.

If your preference is slow and quiet walks, you will probably enjoy public parks or luxury hotel grounds, just ask for a map at the reception.

Once the main activities of your day are done, top the day's impressions with a romantic dinner. It doesn't even have to be candlelight – just the experience of treating yourself and your loved one to a 5-course dinner in a luxury restaurant will become one of the most romantic and memorable moments of your holiday.

Some hotels have beautiful halls with natural fireplaces, so if you are not too tired it may be a great idea to have a drink or two before you go.


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